Purple positive energy plate from beyond ascension

Purple Positive Energy Plate From “Beyond Ascension”

One of the most extraordinary tools I have found to raise my overall energy and even my Light quotient...

By Dr. Joshua Stone

The Purple Positive Energy Plate

One of the most extraordinary tools I have found to raise my overall energy and even my Light quotient is the purple Positive Energy Plate. I am not one to go for gadgets. I have seen them all and I use almost none of them. My style is to rely on my own natural energy and my own resources for everything. The one exception I make is the use of the purple Plate, which I am sure many of you have seen. It is actually a free-energy plate.

I pretty much pooh-poohed it when I first saw it about ten years ago. However, a very good friend of mine who is an expert in the Hanna Kroeger work, radionics, and using the pendulum, told me about it. She said that she had been scientifically testing its effectiveness with her pendulum, and she was amazed. Even though she sold the Soma Boards created by Hanna Kroeger to protect and clear food, she said the plate worked one hundred times better. (Hanna’s Soma Board has special herbs and crystals in it; you place your food upon it and it automatically clears the food of all negative energies.)

To my amazement, when Terri Sue and I checked it with our pendulum, the Positive Energy Plate worked far better. Within seven minutes of food’s being placed on the plate, it became amazingly energized, much more so than when placed on the Soma Board. Almost every food we tested before putting it on the purple plate made the pendulum rotate backwards, indicating that the food had negative energy or no energy at all. This was true for all vegetables and other forms of food considered healthful.

The purple Plate not only cleared the food of all negative energy and negative residues such as pesticides, but also energized the food. Now I religiously put all my food on it and continue to be amazed.

Regardless of your diet, if you use the purple Positive Energy Plate it will guarantee that you get the positive energy you need, even if the actual food you eat is not that good. It is like the difference between eating a fresh apple you pick directly from the tree and one that has been picked before it is ripe, sprayed with pesticides, shipped to market, handled by two or three different people, left to sit in the market for three or four days, put through the grocery scanner and irradiated, handled by a cashier, and has then sat in your house or refrigerator for a few more days. After two weeks that apple does not have nearly the vitality and God-energy it originally had, and in addition, the negative energies of people and pesticides have been added. This is an example of a healthful food; frozen foods, canned foods, and processed foods are much worse.

I put a large Positive Energy Plate under my drinking water stand and use the plate to energize the crystal I keep in my water jug. I store my homeopathic remedies on one. I also have a purple Plate on which I have placed a picture of myself. The picture is energized and cleared and has a radionic effect on my four-body system! A friend put them into the walls of the house she was having built. Terri Sue sits on one every day while she channels, and she swears by their effectiveness. They might also be put under your mattress or pillow, although you must be careful about this as it might cause too much energy for restful sleep. Some people wear them as necklaces or earrings and carry them around in their purses or pockets. How can you afford not to get one?

Please don’t just believe me; check them out yourself with your own pendulum. I do not own stock in the company, nor do I know the person who invented them. I am just very excited about all the ways this Positive Energy Plate can be used.